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It gives you both an opportunity to see if building a long-term relationship is in your best interests, while at the same time, the company has a talented professional to complete their project.

Companies have the opportunity to experience the professionalism of our candidates while they support the project at hand, and determine if they would like to extend an offer for a permanent position, should there be availability.

Candidates will be able to establish whether they feel the company culture is a good fit and determine their level of interest in becoming a permanent employee, if the opportunity is offered.

Temporary placement also affords the candidate a unique opportunity to establish networking contacts within their chosen field while expanding their knowledge base.
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Temporary-to-Permanent Placement is Your Answer

Save yourself the pressure and frustration of locating the best Electrical Professional for your position. Electrical Talent will provide you with the best candidate for your open position from our vast inventory of high-quality, fully vetted, electrical professionals.

Following a Temp-to-Perm placement philosophy is a win-win for both the partnering company and the electrical professional. You both discover your levels of interest in permanent placement before either is fully committed.

Diverse Electrical Professionals

Electrical Professionals come with varying years of experience and also various industry specific knowledge.

With over 50 years of combined experience, we know what we're looking for in experience, qualifications, and skill level of our candidates.

We'll send you the best of the best!
We do the vetting, saving you time, money, and frustration.
Our screening process ensures the quality of our candidates.
No hiring until you're happy
You'll fill the immediate need even if the fit isn't permanent
We're a partner you can count on!

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